• Social Networking

    Social Networking
    A term for connections, collaboration, and communication online. It helps foster relationships and interactions.

  • Microblogging

    A network of users all sharing updates between one another. These updates are short and generally include links to external websites with more information.

  • Blogging

    Blogs are a great way to express your point of view about issues your organization cares about.

  • Image & Video Sharing

    Image & Video Sharing
    Appeals to a public that prefers to view an infographic or watch a video over reading paragraphs of text.

  • Mobile Phone Technology

    Mobile Phone Technology
    Allows people to connect to each other and to the Internet as never before. As a result, they expect information instantly and readable in a variety of formats.

  • Other Tools

    Other Tools
    Social media covers a wide range of topics. Here are some of the other social media tools that are available.

Why Use Social Media

Why Use Social Media

Public health organizations can establish and maintain an online presence to strengthen advocacy activities and effectively engage community members and partners.
Before You Begin
Formulate a plan! It will help ensure that your social media activity supports your organizational goals.
Social Media Strategy
Follow these steps to generate a clear mission statement, objectives, and strategies, for your your communication campaign.